Hanyang Polska

Our main asset is experience in processing of almost all types of plastics with different kinds of fillers, especially technical plastics.

Technologies and services

We offer our customers implementation of their designs from a product’s concept stage to its mass production, namely:

  • selection and analysis of the material for their product,
  • productibility analysis of the product,
  • selecting the injection mould’s technical requirements,
  • preparing the schedule of the project’s implementation,
  • supervising the execution of the injection mould in our toolroom,
  • trials, tests and introducing the products into production according to APQP,
  • launching mass production,
  •  “just in time” delivery.

We focus in particular on continuous development by implementing new technologies and types of plastics in our production:

  • The use of PET flakes in manufacturing of household equipment and other products is a technology that promotes environmental protection. It makes it possible to produce products directly from PET flakes made of recycled plastic bottles. The advantages are very good utility properties, thanks to which they can successfully replace such materials as polystyrene, Random polypropylene, or polycarbonate, and a much lower product price.
  • Similarly, injection of wood fiber – polypropylene from waste from the furniture industry is an ecological process. Wood fiber – polypropylene composite can replace wooden products, this provides products resistant to moisture, fungi, and insects. Using this technology for products for the construction industry is the future. Our development works on PET production technology resulted in obtaining in 2011 a patent related to technological solutions for PET processing injection moulds.