Hanyang Polska

Our main asset is experience in processing of almost all types of plastics with different kinds of fillers, especially technical plastics.

About the company

HANYANG Polska Sp. z o.o.  specializes in plastic injection technology, it is located near Lublin – only 15 km from the centre in the town of Świdnik. The plant employs 150 people on average, it works 7 days a week, and it is focused on cooperation with global corporations from the area of OEM. Our plant’s products reach customers both on the European and global markets.

Historia firmy

1976 – 1955 ZTS-FS in Świdnik – Start of plastics processing, household products production
1955 – 1997 Daewoo Motor Polska – ZTS Świdnik – Production of automotive parts for “Lublin” truck
1997 Certificate ISO 9001
1997 – 2001 Start of OEM clients cooperation
2000 – 2007 Hanyang DMP Sp. z o. o. – Start of production for OEM companies and production parts for furniture branch and electronics parts
2007 – 2012 Hanyang Polska Sp. z o. o. with tool-shop division, continuation and development of production for OEM area
2012 – 2015 Investment for new machines, new production lines for increasing of capability of injection molding process


Basic data about us

Factory area Total ground area: 34 903 sqm
Building area: 8 632 sqm
Production System 3 shifts (7 days/week) – total 141 employees
Main Equipment 19 injection moulding machines
Injection weight Up to 19 kg
Clamping force and moulds 50 – 2 200 tons and mould max 32 tons
Scope of activity
  • Injection moulding process of material POM, PC/ABS, PA, ABS, PBT, PP, PE, PS, rec. PET and composite materials (WPC)
  • Gas assisted injection moulding
  • Vibration & hot plate welding
  • Assembly, packaging, gluing, printing.
  • Development of products, injection moulds and other tool for clients

HANYANG Polska Sp. z o. o. belongs to the HANYANG Precision Co., Ltd Group.