Quality Policy

Main goal of HANYANG POLSKA producer of plastic products is to care for the delivery to the customer high quality functional articles manufactured with optimal costs that bring profit to our company.
The dynamics of sale increase of our products is the proof of clients’ satisfaction.
To achieve the targets:

  • We declare fulfillment of legal regulations and customer requirements.
  • We apply the management policy by quality and constant improvement of that system: monitoring, measurement, processes improvement in order to increase productivity and effectiveness of Organization.
  • Managing director inspires activities oriented at creating authentic involvement of all employees in quality issues by accepting individual responsibility of each employee for the quality of their work.
  • Our staff keeps improving skills to fulfill set tasks; necessary motivation is reached by means of management as a result of which each employee identifies their success with the success of the Company.
  • We are in close cooperation with our suppliers and together with them we strive for achieving intended objective.


We strive for constant improvement of our processes and articlesso the requirements and expectations of our clients are satisfied and our activity is not harmful for the environment.

Quality Policy HYP ENG – pdf