Power policy

Hanyang Polska undertakes to continuously improve their effectiveness of energy use and to avoid energy losses.

The scope of this policy includes all our buildings and facilities.

Our goal is to reduce our total energy consumption, taking account of changes in our operations, weather and other significant factors, while managing our constant improvement through our goals and actions.

We undertake to provide funds for:

  • implementing in the future a power management system compliant with standard ISO 50001: 2011
  • planning and implementing necessary designs and programs
  • monitoring our power effectiveness
  • funding and implementing physical power effectiveness improvement projects

We undertake to carry out awareness campaigns for our employees or trainings which may be required to improve our Power Effectiveness.

We undertake to consider the energy costs in the life of all our new internal projects.

Each employee is individually obliged to help in meeting this policy’s requirements.

We expect that our suppliers will support our goals, and will actively cooperate to help us in their implementation.

This policy is supposed to be transferred to all internal and external employees, any parties concerned, and placed in a visible place in all our locations.